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Learnifier Project participants

Returns project participants

Learnifier Add participant

Add a user to the project. Participant information is created for the user. In the body object, only one of either email or userid must be specified. The participant needs to be activated before it the user can access it.

Learnifier Deletes a participant

Deletes a participant. The user itself will still remain but any state related to the project will be deleted. It might not be possible due to constraints from the products in the project to delete the participant. However this can only be determ...

Learnifier Activate participant

Activates a participant so that it can be used

Learnifier Participant login link

Returns a single sign on link for the participant. The link is only usable once and should be used directly. The link expires after a few minutes. This operation requires the *login link* permission.

Twilio Get Conference Call Participants

Returns the list of participants in the conference identified byn{ConferenceSid}.n

Twilio Delete Conference Call Participants

Kick this participant from the conference.

Twilio GetParticipantForConference


Twilio Add Conference Call Participants

Updates the status of a participant.

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